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by Nick Stephenson

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  1. Christian Bradshaw says:

    Fantastic article, many thanks! Your English is superb (I understand because I’ve lived abroad three times).

    As far as humans go, there is only me and my grown son in my home. However, I have dogs that must be walked in the morning and a cat that will sit on my chest if 6:30 comes and goes without her being fed. I therefore take a shower before bed. I have a very simple morning routine. I get dressed, feed the dogs, make the bed, feed the cat, and then I start my coffee and check my email. As much as I’d like to wait until later, most of my clients are in Europe and Australia basket random, so I really can’t wait. I can relax a little and make an intentional plan for my day after making sure there are no fires that need to be put out (plus news: did Donald Trump authorize an invasion of Canada?).

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