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Why "Just Write More Books" is Terrible Advice: Introducing Reader Magnets

A Free and Simple Way to Grow Your Audience and Readership


There’s some very bad advice going round the internet. The idea that an author can “just write more books” and be successful is about as useful as suggesting to Barnes and Noble that in order to boost profits they “just need more stock”.

It’s crazy. And authors follow this advice, then wonder why (fifteen books later down the line) sales aren’t where they want them to be. And that’s because simply producing more content doesn’t work.

Not by itself.

What use is more content if nobody’s reading the books you already have published? “Just write more books” is not a marketing strategy – it’s wishful thinking. And, unfortunately, this so-called advice seems to be catching on. And who can blame people for listening? But there is a better way.

I’m not saying you don’t need content. Of course you do! But producing a top-quality book is the cost of entry in this business. You’ve written a good book? Got a pro cover and thorough editing? That’s a great start. But nobody’s going to reward you for producing something that thousands of other authors have already. The real differentiator comes when you learn how to effectively promote the content you already HAVE.

And I do this with Reader Magnets. 

Reader Magnets are what bring readers to YOU. They’re an irresistible force that draw readers in – the promise of getting great value content and building a valuable connection.

That’s what it’s all about, after all – making meaningful connections with your audience – building a direct line to your readers. This is what happens when a reader decides to trust you with their email address. And you can make this work using Reader Magnets.

I started using Reader Magnets a little over six months ago. I didn’t even have a term for it back then. Since I put these measures in place, over 15,000 readers have trusted me with their contact details. My readers trust me with their contact details for good reason. I give them good content. In return, they buy my books.

These guys are my fans. I appreciate every last one of them – and they’re the reason I get to write for a living. Here are some figures:

  • My last email sold 627 books in 24 hours
  • I launch every new book into the top #900 or better.
  • I don’t need to rely on Amazon algorithms for an income.
  • I don’t need to pay advertisers to get sales.
  • I saw my first 1,000 subscribers after just a couple of weeks.
  • My click-rate is five times higher than the industry average
  • My open-rate is more than double


IT’S ALL ABOUT GETTING READERS TO COMMIT. Get their email addresses. Follow up. Build value. Build your brand. Here’s what happened last time I emailed my readers about one of my old back-list titles:



That’s an extra 627 sales from one short email, for a book that I published years earlier. And when you have your own email list, you can do this whenever you choose.

Let me repeat the headline again: I picked up 15,000 new email addresses in less time than it takes for most people to write a new book. I got my first 1,000 readers signed up in just a couple of weeks. My click-rates and conversions are through the roof. I do this with Reader Magnets. Here’s how it breaks down:

Reader Magnets draw your target audience in with irresistible content. To make this work, do two things:

  1. Make one of your books permanently free. Or, write something new and set it to $0.00. This is your “Funnel Book”.
  2. But a big fat advertisement in the front AND back offering another book for free in return for a reader’s email address. If you can’t give away books (under a publishing contract, for example) write something new and exciting. It doesn’t have to necessarily be a full-length novel (short stories are fine too). This is your “Magnet Book”.

And that’s it. It’s so simple.

I see this all the time: “Sign up for new releases here”. “Join me on Facebook here”. “Follow me on Twitter here”.

But that’s missing the point. You need to give readers something of real value. Something more than an email every few months when you release a new book, or a tweet about your latest sale. Or a picture of your cat. You need to give them an irresistible reason to give you their email address. You need to say:

“Get the next book free when you sign up for my mailing list”.


“Get exclusive, never-before-published content when you sign up for my mailing list”.

It’s so simple. Follow steps (1) and (2). It works. Whether you’re self publishing a book or you’ve got a backlist of traditionally published titles. All you need to do is prove to your readers that you can add VALUE. And, never one to leave you hanging, you can download the step-by-step guide and find out what Reader Magnets can do for you. Get it here for free:



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